Grant Budgeting Basics

The ORSP encourages faculty and staff at the university to work with us from the outset in developing your grant budget. It is a key element of your proposal and will influence all that you do in designing a project. All of our staff have specialized training and years of experience in the rules, requirements, and formats of the major federal and state agencies, the CSU, CSUSB, and the local County and City governments. Moreover, all budgets must be reviewed by our office before they are submitted. Working with us in the development of your budget will prevent unnecessary delay and problems in submitting your work for funding. Most of the basic information you will need is located at the following links:

CSU System Salary Schedules - CSU Salary Schedules for All Bargaining Units

CSUSB Fringe Benefit Rate Tables - Current fringe benefit rates for faculty, staff and students employed on UEC or University Projects.

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement - Our federally negotiated indirect cost rate.

UEC Annual Health Insurance Rates/Costs - 2018 - A table of the PERS individual provider health insurance employer and employee costs by number of dependents.

Travel Allowances - Food, lodging and mileage rates. (Travel Policy Pointers)

Estimated Standard Cost of Attendance Allowances - Standard Student Budget Ranges

Maximum Allowable Additional Employment Calendar 2018/2019 - CSU overload calendar