Our Office and Staff


Rachel Weiss (Director) – Rachel has her Ph.D. in organizational behavior and research methods.  She has extensive expertise and experience in program evaluation, higher educational institutional research, and in NIH and Title V funded educational research and assessment. Rachel's contact number is (909) 537-3315.

Steve Hull (Grant Development Officer) – Steve has a MS in Systems Management from USC and a MS in Computer Science from Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).  He has extensive expertise in Department of Defense Programs and government grants as prior Director of the National Center for Excellence in Distance Learning (NCEDL). He has 22 yrs military background in Aviation, Space Guidance Systems, federal contracting, and Base Operations. Steve's contact number is (909) 537-5432.

Cathleen Lucas(Grant Development Officer) – Cathleen has her M.A. in Communication and over six years' experience in the Pre-Award office.  She is trained and up to date on all of the agency processes and requirements, with considerable expertise in NIH submissions. She will ensure the integrity of the formal submission of grants to federal, state, and local agencies. Cathleen's contact number is (909) 537-3728.

Tanya Valery (ASC II) – Tanya comes to ORSP with past experience working at Claremont Graduate University and has her B.S. in Business Management and a MBA. As the office manager for ORSP, she reviews and analyzes data to ensure accuracy for the grant officers and project directors. She specializes in development, reporting, auditing and all the critical components of electronic proposal submission, as well as being responsible for all opportunity communications to faculty. She is also our Web-master. Tanya's contact number is (909) 537-3018.